Jeremy Rutter, an expert on Minoan pottery and member of the Kommos excavation team, answers questions posed by children and other visitors during an Open House at the excavation headquarters in the village of Pitsidia.

Q Are you still actively excavating at Kommos?

A No, excavation has been halted for the present time while we concentrate our efforts on the conservation of finds and architectural remains. We are also working on the next Kommos publication on House X, an elite residence that was located close to the monumental Minoan civic buildings.

Q Is the Kommos excavation site open to visitors?

A The excavation at Kommos is not officially open because we still have a great deal of preservation to complete. However, visitors to Pitsidia - the modern village nearest to the site - can stop by our Excavation Headquarters during the summer months (June - August), where a site visit may be arranged.

Q How do we get to Kommos? Are there accommodations near by?

A The site itself is not officially open, but most of the excavated area is visible from the perimeter fence. To get there, you can walk or drive west from the friendly town of Pitsidia, a distance of a few kilometers. The closest accommodations are in Pitsidia where our Excavation Headquarters are located. Several kilometers south of Pitsidia, the popular seaside town of Matala also offers visitors a range of accommodations.

Q What happens to the artifacts found on the site after they have been cleaned and documented? Are they displayed on the site or in a museum?

A Over the past few decades, the most important and complete finds from Kommos have been sent to the Herakleion Archaeological Museum. Unfortunately, lack of exhibition space there means that discoveries from Kommos and other recently excavated sites on Crete are being kept in storage for now. A promising development in this regard is the plan to build a new museum at Gortys, in the Messara region where Kommos is located. Such a facility would be the perfect venue to house and display the most significant finds from our site, and we look forward to this prospect.

Q Is it possible to contact you for further information about Kommos?

A Yes, of course. Please direct any communications to our office in Toronto:

Kommos Excavation Office
c/o History of Art Department
University of Toronto
100 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3G3